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How to update currency exchange rate

To update currency exchange rate please go to Invoicing->Miscellaneous->Currencies 

Note.  You have to reverse your given rate. You have to divide 1 by the given rate. For example, if you have €1.49 so 1/1.49=0.67 and you type 0.67 in the Rate field

        1. Firstly click Invoicing on the top menu


        2. Secondly, scroll down to the bottom and find Miscellaneous on the left. Then expand and click on Currencies 


        3. Now you should be able to see a list of currency rates


        4. Click on the rate you want to change/update and click Edit (in this example we are going to use G23 rate)


        5. After you click Edit it will go into editing mode Click on the Rate field and type appropriate rate (Note: the rate is reversal) and Save


That's it! :)

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